Lanyard Printing in UAE

Our Company provides all kind of Lanyard printing services. The manufacturing Lanyard which is a cord or a belt that is typically worn around neck which intention to hold ID cards, Key, USB flash, exhibition Pass, building pass, tickets, security access cards and many other purpose to not lose your carrying stuffs. A printed lanyard can carry your company name and logo as well. of course it is easy to identify your staff or company even in crowd area or busy place like exhibition and event or home delivery place, basically lanyard has in various materials like cotton, nylon, and polyester, satin in 0.60 mm to 1 mm thickness. We provide state of the art quality lanyard print production with high end fabrication and delivery to Dubai, sharjah, al ain, ajman, abudhabi, RAK, UQ, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Africa in any size and any design like:

The Types of Lanyard Materials

The types of lanyard material we supply in UAE is satin, polyester, nylon, tube lanyard, woven, non-woven, water resistant, hook lanyard, plain rope lanyard, lace lanyard, cord lanyard, special lanyard material for school, event, exhibition as well.

Satin Lanyard

  • Lanyard size : Width: 1.5cm, 2cm, 2.5cm Height: 91 cm, 1 mm thick
  • Printing Method : Sublimation Printing, Heat press, Silk Screen Printing
  • Max colors : 3 to 4 + pantone color printing
  • Description : Satin lanyard comes with amazing fit and comfortable to wear lanyard along with id cards or access cards. Satin lanyard we offer with high quality printing, images and graphics in various accessories like hook, safety clip and buckle.

Polyester Lanyard

  • Lanyard size : Width : 1.5 & 2cm, Height: 90cm, 1 mm thick
  • Printing Method : Silk Screen Printing, Embroidery Printing
  • Max colors : One coloror 2 colours printing & full colours sublimation as well
  • Description : Polyester lanyard also one of the best promotional and marketing material in all event and exhibition. It is water resistant and long-lasting printing and durable accessories in built which also good for office, school and universities as well.

Lanyard Accessories

The heavy-duty lanyard accessories and premium quality material we supply in UAE with custom logo printing. Standard lanyard accessories like hook, buckle and safety clip etc. we put additional safety accessories on lanyard as well.


What is Dog Hook?

The dog hook can be attached into lanyard as shown in the picture. The dog hook also called bull dog it good quality of chrome finish anti rustproof lanyard accessories which used in school, fair show, trade centre and exhibition.


What is Oval Hook?

Oval hook in lanyard comes with heavy duty metal with chrome finish which is totally rust proof material. Oval hook comes in lanyard is long lasting usage and durable to all office and school student id cards carry needs.


What is Metal Crimp?

Metal crimp is one of the perfect sealing lanyards with hook or clip in the end instead of stitching. Because once crimp lanyard with connecting hook not able to remove at all which protect totally your id cards or valuable items.


What is Stitching?

Lanyard stitching is basically sealing lanyard with safety clip, buckle and its hook. We provide close matching thread stitching in the lanyard which print on lanyard body surface. High quality stitching we give which durable.


What is Break Away?

The break away in the lanyard comes with neck back side which connect from both sides. Break away is one of the safety features comes in printed lanyard. Available in black and white colours stock with too.


What is buckle?

The buckle comes with lanyard is a plastic release button which can be pulled out for any emergency usage and it considered as safety feature of custom lanyard. These lanyards used in event, exhibition and trade shows.


What is Mobile Holder?

the mobile holder in the lanyards is to attach lanyard into lanyard. This holder comes in the end of hook or reel badge edge. Mobile holder can protect your phones from damage, and loosing phone since it is hanged on holder


What is Embroidery?

Embroidery in the lanyards is one of the luxury selections of logo and name branding on lanyard. We do lanyard embroidery with details instead of other sublimation or print. Lanyard embroidery is premium choice too.


What is ID Card?

ID cards Is one of the identification card which used in al business firms, industrial company, event, school, collage etc.. we do glossy and matte finish id cards along with lanyard attachment and without attachment as well.


What is Access Card?

Access card used in wide range of purposes with photo, name and barcode etc.. access cards used in office, exhibition as pass. Access card comes with magnetic strips, chip and etc.. it can be multi colours printing and laminated as well.


What is Card Holder?

Card holder comes with lanyard is to put mobile phone, business cards other important items while walk, or cycling. Card holder used in school, collage, universities, office, factory, event, exhibitions and trade shows etc.


What is Lanyard Pouch?

Lanyard pouch comes with clear pvc material, leather and velvet. These pouches used in to put a card holder or access pass. Lanyard pouch is secure your id cards and essential items from loosing or damaging

Lanyard Printing choices with us

Providing state of the art quality lanyard printing services by using high quality printing machinery, transfer equipment’s and professional stitching machinery too. We offer complete range of lanyard printing solutions in UAE with various methods such as:

what isSublimationLanyard?

Lanyard sublimation means in simple short, it's a method of printing that transfers a design into a material or fabric using ink print on sheets by heat press. In the world of apparel, it's a game changer in that it allows whole Lanyard prints

what is silk Screen Printing Lanyard

Screen printers use a silkscreen mesh with frame & squeegee, and hinge clamps to screen print their designs. The ink is forced through the mesh using the rubber squeegee, the hinge clamps keep the screen in place for easy registration

process of Embroidery Lanyard

An embroidered lanyard has a lightweight look and feel and is produced using an ultrafine thread which allows for a much finer weave in woven lanyard. This allows us to put multi colours thread with metallic finish.

Rubber Printing Lanyard

Rubber printing is one of the premium and expensive choice for lanyard. Rubber printing can be with embossed feel and classic textured effect too. It looks like blind embossed with silicon finish and durable choice too.

We can make lanyards like:

Custom lanyard

Customized lanyard widely used in all business firms and office, event and exhibition centre, trade shows and school etc. customized lanyards can be printed in single colour to multi colours printing with accessories

School lanyard

We supply school lanyard with lots of safety features which include in custom school lanyards. School lanyard comes with hook, release buckle and safety clip etc. these lanyards available in various size and thickness.

ID lanyard

ID lanyard comes with ID cards attached in metal crimp and stitching directly to the ID cards. We make different size and colours of ID cards for customer demand and their commercial needs. ID cards come with lamination as well.

Lanyard lace

Lanyard lace we supply in plain, roll and with printing as well. Lanyard lace available in satin, polyster etc. these lanyard lace comes with 1 mm thickness and 0.40 mm thickness too. Lanyard lace can any size.

Exhibition & Event lanyard

Exhibition and event lanyard we supply in wholesale and retails. This lanyard comes with company name, logo and other information if any. We can do within day service and high-quality material at low price.

Hook lanyard

Hook lanyard basically used in school and event companies. We supply all types hook lanyard with sublimation printing in satin material which affordable, reliable and quick production turnaround too.

Mobile holder lanyard

We supply wholesale and retail mobile holder with variety of size and quality. Mobile holder can be attached with lanyard to put your mobile phone from unwanted incident of damage, lost phone or device forget etc.

Crocodile clip lanyard

You can Order now amazing, adjustable crocodile clip lanyard at great prices and discounts on our online portal or factory directly. our high-quality and varied crocodile clip lanyard widely accepted in UAE

Metal crimp lanyard

Take our satin or polyester lanyard with metal crimp and swivel snap hook as a handy giveaway during trade shows to not lose anything valuable phone, id and other documents. We have metal, brass and chrome crimps

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